Need a Musician for a Smaller Venue?

SaxMajor performs alone and does not bring an entourage.  Performing with recorded backing tracks on his own speaker system, SaxMajor can be placed almost anywhere in a small venue.  He does require at a minimum area of 4x4ft.  SaxMajor has three different sound setups:

  1. 25 people or less, a small 100W Bose speaker that can operate with or without an electrical outlet.
  2. 100 people or less, a powerful medium sized Bose speaker system.  Electrical outlet required.
  3. 100 people or more, a top of the line Bose speaker system with a bass module.  Electrical outlet required.

Also, if you need SaxMajor in two different locations at the venue, He will bring any combination of the three sound system setups mentioned above.

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